Both you and our clients belong, have a voice, and are valued. We encourage respect and positive recognition of differences, creating a sense of connectedness.
Prepare to earn 100% Commission on the first day you unite with us. We allow you to take home your full commission.
We partner with like-minded missionaries and Christian organizations that are committed to the people in the country in which they serve.
Our idea of innovation is tied to a continuous desire for growth. We know change is hard, but we are not afraid to try. This commitment powers our competitive edge.
Leave behind corporate structure. At House Edge, you as the individual agent are limited on how you can operate, brand, and market yourself.
Taking the time to sit down with our team and clients to understand their thoughts, enhances our understanding. We are not just a luxury brand, we are a people brand.
We value making YOU our priority. This is reflected in our efforts to go the extra mile to understand your needs during any real estate transactions you entrust to us. When it comes to buying or selling, we commit to providing you with the best information and resources available so that YOU are empowered to feel comfortable in making.
We are not afraid to be different because our difference shapes us as people. We use our diversity as a medium to emotionally connect to our clients’ needs while learning to create a safe, welcoming space that allows us to thrive individually and collectively. 
~ Kenson Dera, Founder, Managing Broker


A real estate transaction management solution that brings people and software together to save time and create a delightful customer experience. An eSignature and transaction management system that our agents could use successfully.

Broker Sumo

Broker Sumo picks up where your transaction management leaves off. Automatically calculate agent commission splits, create commission disbursements, track credits and debits, and pay your agents with ACH Transfer.

Train With Us Via: One-On-One Virtually Weekly Group Shadowing

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